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                                                       About Us!

My Name Is Shawn, pleased to meet you and thank you for visiting.

When I was around 5 years old, an elderly lady had Standard Poodles. Her Poodles were show Standards boys. I sure fell in love, and visited My grandmother's place on the coast, every morning after walking the beach with Grandpa.  I'd slide up to the corner store and watched her grooming threw the window. Well, this was where I learned to groom; if I had time to hang out and watch her all day.  Thinking back, Show Poodles were so much bigger.  Well, I knew I'd have a Poodle some day, (But) No one ever told me, once you own one, you're in love and would not just own one (you'd have many).  After grooming for 40 years, retiring was coming. It took just one white beauty of 6 months old to remind me of what I wanted all my life, but I didn't want white.  Break time I sat down and got on the computer, looked up Poodles, what did I see, it was instant love.  When I looked into his little dark red face, I was sold.  I called Lorie from Harmony Mountain Kennels.  I asked, "do you have that Beautiful Red Baby?" She had him, I was so serious about getting the pup.  This was where My Red Boy, Bootlegger came into my life, I'd do it a Million times over.  Eight months later, we got Moonshine, (No) we don't drink, love the names.  My promise is to be the best loving Breeder I can be. My Babies are  in the house, on my bed, under air conditioning, or heat, being loved, and all are spoiled, even my Human Child.  I have dedicated my life to these wonderful, well tempered, healthy, smart, Standard Poodles!


We have done all major testing.  I have my own belief, test when they're around 2, again at 8 Or 9, the older years, tells the whole story!

Black Standard Poodle Breeder