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Earl was our first show Dog, This page is dedicated  to him,Just a step away 

From finishing his championship , Unfortunately, Earl,Was Killed In his own home,  

Murdered, He was strangled,The Er Doctor said,He was strangled so bad,it was like if someone had

L inched him in a tree and Broken his neck, I was In bed sleeping at 5 Am, All was still and quiet  

The Rest of the kids were sound asleep,Than a Flood of light appeared in My Room from the Hallway, Saying,Earl was In A Dog fight, I Jumped out of Bed, Thinking How,He was In My Room 

Sleeping next to me ,I ran as fast as I could thinking a Fight ,A Dog came over the fence,But In Reality ,It was The Sick Elderly Gentleman i was taking care of for more than 15 Year's,

 He had been taking a New Medication for dementia, No one, Told me they change and have night time rage ,I had seen the signs ,Just didn't put it together in time ,He had always Been Jealous 

Of Earl, Said he got all the attention,Roger walked away  we looked for 3 years,Roger Has been found.. The End of the search ,In Gods Hands he now Rest!!

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Sarah McLachlan (The Essential Sarah McLachlan)

                  HIS SON,EARL'SPRIDE

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