Red Stands 
Colorado Poodles

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The amazing standard poodle breed

                                                     "Thank you for thinking about purchasing a Red Stands Puppy""

Our Puppies are like our Children ,We need to watch out for them , Our Limited Registration  Dosen't mean you cant do Agility,There is many things you can do with a Pet, Just Need to Fix them at a year of age,our preference,Gives a chance for those Hormones to kick in,Which  study shows one of the biggest causes of Hip  Dysplasia,  If a person can not be responsible enough to walk  threw the first time heat with there puppy,you don't need a dog ,most often the first heat isn't even noticeable,  We Absolutely need proof of the Spay or Neuter.With In One week after your New Baby is Fixed, Absolutely,If you feel  your New Baby is worth more than being a Pet,We will give you  a chance to    change to full Registration at a additional cost ,  after  I' Or someone of my choice thinks your new baby has  everything quality it needs to Breed, This also includes Testing your  New baby!!  Before any breeding takes place,  We Give a 2 Year Health Guarantee ,  If a dog has a Genetic issue it most often will surface before 2 years of age, We will Replace puppy, Or give you a full refund, If Out of Colorado,you pay to get the puppy back, If this happens ,we will need proof  from your Veterinarian,And A Chosen Veterinarian of Our Choice close enough to you,   If a injury happens to a puppy Jumping off things ,Hit,were not responsible, If your dog gets into your drugs ,Drugs you make with Food(Mary Jane) Per-say,  It isn't our fault that you just ruined your dogs  Pancreas and spleen .were not covering those kind of issues, Were covering Genetic sound proof , We Have Tested ,and are still testing,What test we haven't done  , will be done,and sent to you directly  for your knowledge , why it is very important to have a correct address, , We Do not condone Doodling of any sort,We Do not lend our Stud's out for such,  Were Breeding to Improve The Breed,.You have  3 days to see Your Veterinarian for a well check up,  You will Get your puppies shot and worming records to provide to your Veterinarian  , And a Health Report from Our Veterinarian. Approving this said puppy is Healthy with out fault ,, There is No Saleing our puppies  to anyone else with out our approval,  If at any time something happens and you can not keep puppy, we will buy Him/Her  Back At  the same price you purchased Puppy,   You will Get A 3 Generation pedigree, Akc Papers, Shot Records, First Free Groom,  We Just want to add that at any time,you have lost your job,Or sick, and something happens A Emergency arises,And you have no way to pay your Veterinarian, Don't hesitate to call us,We will help,you may Re=Pay us at a time your back on your feet,   We are here 24/7 for our puppies and you!!  (Please note )  Don't think  you can Take a puppy and think a week later its not working out and you call and say its not working out or the Manager said we cant have Him/ Her ,No, You must work it out at-least 6 Months ,  Dental and Grooming play a very big role in healthy dogs living to a very old age ,Don't short change your   pets life span from neglect ,  No way,Shall one of our puppies be used for Any Kind of fighting,  Junk Yard Business,  Never tied out side,left out side 24/7,Purchasing one of our Baby's ,Means a loving well adapted, Home Inside. A Nice fenced in place , Any Breed can become A Great Medic Dog if you take the time to work  with Him/Her,  Free Advice, after picking up your puppy,Never,Never expose them until they have had all required vaccination's,    Note:  If caught Doodling one of our puppies,We Find out ,We will Sue for Damages $10,000 Fine!!!

Signing this Contract Says you agree to the terms Of this Purchase Agreement 

Breeder,Shawn  R Centeno                                                                     Sire________________ Dam ______                                    1315 M 1/4 Road,Loma Colorado,81524                                  Date Whelped_____________

Email,[email protected]                                                          Sex______ Color_______Special Markings__

Phone 970-858-8601                                                                                     Buyers Signature,_____________________ 

Cell      970 901-1232                                                                                         Buyers , Address    ______________


    Microchip your Puppy                                                                                                                                     Emergency                                                                                                                                                                                          Contact__________________ (Read this Well )we stand by it .If Purchasing a puppy please make two copy's ,Fill it out send it or bring it with you Thank you!