Red Stands 
Colorado Poodles

The Nursery

The Lady's Of RedStand's

                Cameron Diaz

Our beautiful cream Girl,She still carries her frost, Talk about perfect,24 1/2 Inches, perfect teeth ,Tested , Lovely, She is a little everything ,Meaning,Tom Boy,and Lady!

Lora J Today, Shes Smoking hot,Has such a sweet personality,Great Temperament, ! Lora Is 23 Inches ,Beautiful Girl, were proud of her ,Perfectly Built, She has a slow southern walk about her, Her spirit is that of a true southern girl with pride!!


Shes Our Psychic, Calm,Warm loving in nature Loves to be beautiful , Our Big girl.she stands 29 inches 85 Pounds,(But) perfectly Built all the way around ,All Our Kids are !!  


Her pictures wont down load I keep all my pictures in files .hers wont open ,Pictures coming Soon!!

Lora,she is Darker Red than this picture but shes a beautiful Girl.The other three pictures to the left are Lora 


The Heart Of Red Stands, RedstandsRubyMoonshine,A Real Smart Lady,Gentle,And Our Earth Child, WE Love her !

Moonshine was Red stands First Girl,, A Bride for Bootlegger , They have made some Beauty's together , Now 8 year's Old,And gets to enjoy her grand children!!



Earls Daughter and Jamah, Penny Is Blue,and very sweet, penny Is 24 Inches wish i would of listened to my inner soul and showed her ,  My First grand Puppy Out Of Earl!! Great Breeding 

These are our Girl's, We are not Heavy Breeders, And Heidi,Angel,Lora,
Cameron Have Not had Puppies, There not ready Nor am I, They are enjoying there youth, Emily,Penny<have had only one litter,I do not believe more than 3 to 4 Litters ,,For Any Dog,They Must Know there Not just there To Be Breeding stock,But to enjoy there Life to!!